Visualization is an important key to success in reaching goals. If you want to be successful in anything, especially for success in network marketing, you need to see yourself in the future as the success you intend. You need to see yourself achieving your goals. Not only see yourself successful but also to get to the feeling of success.

Close your eyes and start to think about your goal. Tell a story in your mind or pretend you are watching a movie but instead of just watching the movie, step into the movie and become part of it. What does it look like? How does it feel? Picture yourself achieving it and living as though you have already attained it. Try to get as many details as you can.

Now, as you are visualizing, tap the EFT points. It doesn’t really matter which points. Just tap points as you visualize.

Do this EFT visualization exercise every day. One thing I notice when I do visualization this way is that the images get stronger each time. I find this especially helpful when I have trouble visualizing.

Visualization is a very important tool for your success. Adding EFT powerfully accelerates the whole visualization process.

Give it a try. Hey, it’s FREE. What if it works for you?

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