Welcome to EFT for Network Marketers – a blog that helps network marketers clear limiting beliefs and blocks to success and build an abundance attracting success mindset. Personal development, success mindset and motivation are probably the most important things a network marketer needs to work on. All the marketing, tools and systems aren’t worth a hill of beans if you have “stinkin’ thinking.”

My name is Melodie Kantner. I have been working full time in the network marketing industry for over 20 years. All of those years have been with in the same company, Young Living Essential Oils.

I am so happy you are here. I know we are a lot alike, you and me. We’re both trying to design a healthy lifestyle. One that gives you more FREEDOM in time, money and feeling awesome, so you can live each day with passion.

I was so tired of living paycheck to paycheck working multiple jobs. My husband, Mark, was working as a restaurant manager on salary, which means that they would squeeze every ounce of energy out of him they could. That always worked out to well over 65 hours a week for him. The retirement plan SUCKED! We both grew weary of the day to day grind and just barely making ends meet. This can’t be all there is to life! WORK, SLEEP, WORK, SLEEP, WORK, SLEEP and no money to enjoy life. We refused to believe that was all there was to life. That was when we decided to try to earn a living from our jewelry design. We had a wonderful time doing that for a while. We even won several awards at art shows for our jewelry designs with Mark’s flameworked glass beads and my copper enamel designs. We had the time freedom but the financial freedom was just NOT there yet.

This is about the time I discovered Young Living Essential Oils. My Mom had just started using Young Living Oils. She brought several oils over for me to try. The oil that really resonated with me was Abundance oil blend. I loved the smell and I loved how it lifted my mood. I think I was drawn to the Abundance because of our financial situation. By this time we were in real trouble financially and I felt like there was no way out. Abundance oil attracts abundance.

That was 24 years ago. A day that changed my life emotionally and financially. I discovered essential oils and became passionate about them. When I realized there was a great business opportunity available with Young Living I jumped in and never looked back. It didn’t take long to cover the cost of products and supplement our income. Today Mark and I love our life of time and financial FREEDOM. We work entirely from home whenever we want. We have lots of time for play. I still enjoy art and jewelry design but it is just to satisfy my artistic side.

I am Melodie Kantner and I LOVE what I do. Helping people like you and I who know there must be something better than working your life away at a job you hate, just to retire with not enough money to get by. But sometimes our emotions get in the way and become blocks that can slow us down or stop us entirely from reaching our goals. That’s what Esteem Power is all about. We focus on EFT, Self-Esteem & Success Mindset Tips for Network Marketers. Self-esteem and mindset are really important if you want to be successful in network marketing.

You may be wondering what this EFT is all about. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT is a powerful technique that you can use to clear fears and emotional blocks that are getting in the way of your business success. Well, actually success in any aspect of life.

I love teaching EFT to fellow network marketers. That is why I created the Ebook, EFT For Network Marketers.

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