Your success in network marketing is up to you. Whether you build a full time income or whether you never earn a dime. It’s all up to you and it’s all in your head.

There is a difference between the top earners and the ones who never earn any money in network marketing. The top earners spend a little time every day doing things that will improve their skills and confidence. They read newsletters, books and listen to audios. They keep up with the latest news with their company, what’s working in marketing and things that improve their mindset.

Building skills and mindset affects the way you function every day in your business. It affects the way you carry yourself and the way others see you. It builds confidence. When you have that, you talk with authority and more people listen.

There are things that we all have in our heads that came from past experiences. Some of those things in our head can cause limiting beliefs and mental blocks to success or earning a lot of money. Sometimes people have a ceiling where they can get to a certain level in the leadership ranks or an amount of income and then the limiting beliefs kick in and we can find ourselves sabotaging our efforts.

Procrastination is one of the biggest sabotaging behaviors people get into. Procrastination is pretty much always coming from some underlying fear or limiting belief.

Think about what you want to accomplish in your business. Do you want to supplement income or build a business to the point where you can be full time?

Now look at your daily actions in your business. Are you promoting your business? You should have between 3-5 different marketing methods that you use every day.

If you are promoting your web site, are you checking email and responding to emails and phone calls?

If you are going for days without talking to people about your business or doing any promotion or followup, you have some limiting belief that is holding you back.

EFT is wonderful to help release limiting beliefs. That is why I love supplementing personal development training with EFT. EFT never replaces personal development training. It enhances it.

Personal development is at the root of every successful network marketer. I would be willing to say it is the absolute most important ingredient for success.

Our thinking affects everything. It is crucial that we build our success mindset.

Here is a video I did recently on why we must be ALWAYS improving our success mindset. I have also included an EFT Tapping Session on Belief.

You have to stretch yourself to get to the really good stuff that lies outside of your comfort zone. Most people never get to see how good the network marketing lifestyle is because they never stretch their comfort zone.

The thing is, when you get out of your comfort zone, you are actually stretching your comfort zone so that whatever once made you uncomfortable, becomes comfortable. You are growing.

Here are a couple tips for expanding your comfort zone:

  • 1. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway – That is an expression we often hear but it is a good place to start. You don’t have to jump in the deep end into the most fearful things but start with small things that make you feel uncomfortable. As you grow, you will be stronger and more confident to take on bigger things.
  • 2. Make a Plan – Take notice of the way you feel about certain things. Make a plan with smaller steps that will help you expand your comfort zone in that area.

    For example: In the beginning of my network marketing career I had a fear of being a leader. I was more comfortable being a follower but in network marketing, you must be a leader if you want to be successful. When you first start out, you have a very small group so it’s easy to take small steps. Part of my plan for overcoming fear of leadership was to learn everything I could about network marketing, leadership and my company.

  • 3. Increasing In Knowledge – This is a very important part of expanding your comfort zone and it should be a priority in your plan for success. As you learn, you apply those things to what you already know.

    Going back to the fear of leadership issue: I read books and listened to audios on things related to leadership and success in network marketing. I also hung out with leaders by going to meetings and events and talking to them, getting on conference calls and subscribing to their newsletters so I could observe them in action. As I learned things, I was always thinking about how I could use this information to help my downline. That is what a leader does, learn, apply, then share with the team.

    As I grew in experience and knowledge, my leadership skills grew. I am still growing and expanding my leadership skills and my comfort zone. It doesn’t have to be scary. Just start where you are. Take the first steps and keep expanding.

  • 4. Use Your Imagination – See in your mind’s eye the place you want to be. Visualize how you want your future and your business to look. A little visualization should be in your plan every day. It helps you look beyond the things going on today and keeps you fixed on the goal.
  • 5. Do Some EFT Tapping – EFT can be helpful in all kinds of ways to remove negative blocks and enhance the law of attraction.

Try tapping along with the Tapping Session below on being Confident Outside of My Comfort Zone:

Download the Printable Tapping Script: Confident Outside of My Comfort Zone EFT tapping script

Come back as often as you need and tap along with any EFT Sessions you need.

When the electric and phone was off for several days I found myself blessed with a lot of time time to do some reading and writing. It was sort of a blessing in disguise.

I just can’t bring myself to waste that much time. I was going to say killing time but that doesn’t sound at all good. Maybe we should change that to Skilling Time. 😉

Anyway, I found myself reading some of my old books. Here is a bit of wisdom I found in Secrets of MLM Superstars:

How Tough is MLM?

    1. It’s as tough as “getting off your butt.”

    2. It’s as tough as doing the things you don’t want to do long enough until you don’t have to do them anymore.

    3. It’s a tough as deciding what your dream is and doing whatever it takes to get it.

    4. It’s as tough as talking to enough people until you build a team of winners, then keep going!

    5. It’s as tough as deciding you want to be more than average and ordinary.

    6. It’s as tough as just doing it instead of “just talking about it.”

    7. It’s as tough as following your leaders and the systems they worked hard to put together for YOU.

    8. It’s as tough as helping others achieve their dreams.

I thought that was good list. It reminds me of Jim Rohn saying “This stuff isn’t hard, so why is it more people don’t have success? It’s a mystery.”

Recently there was a big storm that could have derailed my business activities. Here is the first of several articles I wrote (pen and paper) while the electric was out from the storm. Some people were without electric for 10 days. Thankfully ours was only out for 5 days. Our phone was out for 11 days. A LOT of cell phones were out the first couple of days as well. It was a really weird week.

Anyway, Here is the first article:

There will be times when things happen that will get in the way of your daily business routine. Let’s face it, life happens.

I sit at my desk as usual but today there is no electric, no internet and no phone. There was a major storm last night that left over 650,000 people without electric in Ohio. Other states also suffered similarly so there were much more people affected but I only heard Ohio’s numbers. At the moment my only connection to the outside world is a battery operated radio. We live in the sticks so we don’t even get a cell signal out here.

They say it will be 5-7 days to get everyone’s electric back on. To top it off, we are having a record heat wave and the temperatures are over 100 degrees. Yuck! This is one of those times when life happens. What do you do? Do you just put business on hold and wait for the perfect conditions to return?

NO! Not a good plan!

There is a better plan and it’s just what I am doing.

I decided to view this is an opportune time to get some articles written. The lack of internet and phone provide me with distraction free environment to take my list of ideas for articles. I have fresh spiral notebook and pencil and I am starting with this article.

The point is, if you take your business seriously, you won’t let a little thing like no electricity, no phone and no internet stop the progress toward your goals. There is always a way. It may require getting creative. Maybe even using old fashioned tools like pen and paper. 😉

Under normal conditions I have my laptop and my Kindle Fire so I keep my business mobile and when I travel or when things happen that interfere with my business schedule. Right now everyone in our county has the same problem of no electric. If I have to I will drive somewhere to connect in a day or two.

The key to success in your business is to know where you are going and always have a plan to get there. Yes, there will be obstacles but we don’t let those stop us. We step around those obstacles and keep making progress.

Every day, no matter what kind of day it is, ask yourself, “What can I do TODAY that will help me progress toward my goals?”

Today I feel the need to rant a bit. I am SO MAD at the lead companies who scam people out of their money. It really makes me fuming Mad. I will do some EFT after I finish writing this post. 😉

I really love the freedom I have because of network marketing and I want to see other people experience that too. I just got off the phone with yet another network marketer who WASTED his money on bad leads. He starts right off saying, “Melodie, I am calling because you filled out a form online to learn how to recruit people for your network marketing business.”

HA! That immediately tells me he has either bought bad leads or he’s just a liar using that line on people he hopes to recruit. I know I never filled out a form like that. I have been successfully recruiting for over 20 years with one company. I currently sponsor more people in my primary company in one week than most network marketing distributors sponsor in their entire network marketing life. I did NOT fill out a form like that.

I’m actually impressed that the guy called me himself rather than the automatic recorded message caller thingy most people are using these days. Either way they waste money. Since the very early days in my business I looked for ways to get people to come to me. I admit, I did try some leads many years ago. I’m sure there are probably some lead companies out there that are really trying to provide good leads but really, how can you tell. I found the leads I spent a lot of money on to be almost as bad.

Another thing that makes me fuming mad is the way the many hopeful network marketers who bought my son Brandon’s name as a lead are getting ripped off. I get postcards and direct mail every week for him. Guess WHAT!! Brandon hasn’t lived here in more than 15 years!! Get that: 15 YEARS! They are still selling his name as a lead!

The best leads are the ones YOU generate through your own marketing. Wouldn’t it be better to take the money you waste on bad leads and use it on some real ads that get real people to your web site? Wouldn’t you rather have people call YOU about your business? Wouldn’t it be better to get emails from people with questions? This is another reason YOU SHOULD HAVE A BLOG! Wouldn’t it be better to have those people who came to your web site subscribe to your blog and get every update about building a business or how to use oils?

There are LOTS of ways to get people to your web site or blog, both free and paid for. It’s called Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing is more than just marketing techniques. It’s a mindset. It’s a whole approach to your business. When you are not chasing people, you radiate an energy that attracts people. It’s called Law of Attraction. When you chase people, you repel people. You will have a struggle all the way.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle! You can love marketing if you learn to do it right. When you put Attraction Marketing and Law of Attraction together it’s a beautiful thing.

I’m sorry. I have been a bit on a rant today but I love this industry and I hate seeing people struggle needlessly.

I’m off to do some EFT on my feelings about this issue. Can’t let it become a block to my business. 😉