Even though you feel passionate about your products and the opportunity, you may feel uncomfortable about “selling”. These negative feelings are impacting your business, creating blocks and resistance to volume and team growth.

Before you begin the tapping for discomfort of “selling” you will find it helpful to think about communicating in a way that you can feel good about. When you feel good about what you are saying, it doesn’t feel like selling. It feels more like sharing.

You have a solution to a problem. When you speak from a place of solving their problem, it will feel much more natural. Advanced preparation is another important key. Having something in mind to say will be a big step in releasing the uncomfortable feelings around sales.

Those of you who are essential oil distributors can make opening conversations easier with this little tip:

    EVERY DAY wear an oil that will cause someone to comment on how good you smell (opening to say: “I’m wearing natural Essential Oils because I prefer a toxin free perfume. This one is called Stress Away. It smells great and who doesn’t want a little Stress Away these days? Have you ever used Essential Oils? …”

Here is an example of what I say that includes the business:
“I help people support their health by replacing toxic chemicals with essential oils while creating a great income from home so you can build and live a lifeSTYLE instead of a life-SENTENCE.”

If you know you have something that would help people break free from the struggle or challenges they are facing, isn’t there an obligation to share?

It’s like they are in prison. For some people it is a prison of poor health, for some it is working a job they hate, just to barely make ends meet. They are in prison and You Have the Key! Are you going to stand there with the key in your pocket, wondering if you should speak up and share? Are you hoping they will ask if you have the key? Or, are you going to take the key out, hold it up and say, “here is the key to your prison. Would you like this key?”
Why wouldn’t you share with them that you have the key to their prison?

Some people will say no thank you, I like my prison. I don’t want to get out of it, and that’s fine. But there are a lot of people who will say “Thank you, you are an answer to my prayer!”

A Mindset Shift

If you have any negative feelings about selling or marketing, you must shift those feelings. This is where EFT is a powerful tool.

If you feel that people will think you are pushy or only in it for the money, those are YOUR fears. As a person who has been working from my home for over 20 years, I know the wonderful feeling of FREEDOM! I especially want people I care about to feel that too.

If you are passionate about the products, that is all the more reason to let go of the negative feeling around selling. Remember, Those are all YOUR fears. They are a person who is in need of what you have to offer.

How about we do some tapping on sales and marketing? 😉

Focus in on your feelings around selling or marketing.

Essential oils that could be used with this tapping: Valor, Abundance, Acceptance, Magnify Your Purpose, Release, Field.
Add a drop or two of essential oil to fingertips before tapping through the points.

While tapping the karate chop point on either hand, repeat these phrases, (or change the words to fit your exact situation).

Even though I hate selling, I deeply love and accept myself.
Even though selling makes me feel uncomfortable, I completely love and accept myself.
Even though marketing or selling makes me anxious, I deeply love and accept myself.

Focusing on the Negative Feelings

(eyebrow) I hate selling!
(side of eye) It just feels uncomfortable.
(under eye) I feel like I am being pushy.
(nose) They are not going to like me.
(chin) I don’t want to come across like a pushy salesman.
(collarbone) People hate someone who is pushy and salesy.
(under arm) I have negative feelings about salesmen.
(head) I’m not going to be a pushy salesman.

(eyebrow) I hate selling!
(side of eye) It just feels uncomfortable.
(under eye) What if they think I am greedy.
(nose) I know they are going to think I am only in this for the money.
(chin) They won’t see that I really care about them.
(collarbone) That I really want to make a difference in their life.
(under arm) I have negative feelings and fears.
(head) What if they think I am sleezy and manipulative?

(eyebrow) How can I let my fear get in the way of helping them?
(side of eye) As long as I am afraid of what they think of me,
(under eye) I am just creating more of that bad energy.
(nose) People need what I have.
(chin) I am releasing the negative feelings about selling.
(collarbone) I am releasing it from every cell in my body.
(under arm) Releasing the discomfort about selling.
(head) Letting go of the uncomfortable feeling.

(eyebrow) People need what I have.
(side of eye) How can I not share something that might change their life?
(under eye) How can I not share this?
(nose) I was extremely grateful someone cared enough about me to share a way out.
(chin) I am going to treat my prospect the same way.
(collarbone) Helping them is more important than my fear.
(under arm) It doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable.
(head) I love how it feels to help people.

(eyebrow) I love my products and I have benefited greatly from them
(side of eye) People need a way out.
(under eye) I can help them.
(nose) I love talking to people and helping them experience freedom
(chin) I choose to feel comfortable sharing a way out.
(collarbone) I am prepared and confident talking about options to help my prospects.
(under arm) I love helping people who really want to know more about what I have
(head) I choose to feel comfortable and confident in sharing health and FREEDOM with many people.

Take a deep breath.

Tap through this script as many times as you need to.

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