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EFT To Release Resistance To Change

When you are working toward goals and moving forward with something that can result in big changes in your life, the resistance will often show up. The bigger the goal, the bigger the resistance we can feel. Change can be scary.

resistanceWhat will success bring? What changes will come when we are successful? How will our life change? In an effort to protect us from the scary unknown, our subconscious will put up all kinds of resistance. It feels safer in that comfort zone. The subconscious is always trying to protect you and keep things comfortable.

Sometimes resistance will show up in the form of procrastination. It starts with a negative feeling: fear, feeling a little anxious, maybe a bad mood. We find ourselves getting distracted by other things. When we start building our business we want success but we may find ourselves sabotaging our efforts because we have a subconscious fear of change.

EFT can be a very helpful tool in working through feelings of resistance. Try the EFT session below whenever you feel a little resistance.

EFT Tapping on Resisting Change

Those of you who are using Young Living Essential Oils, you can apply Valor or Transformation oil to your fingertips before you begin tapping.

While tapping the Karate Chop Point, Repeat 3 Times:

Even though I am resisting change, I love and accept myself.
Even though I really love my comfort zone, I love and accept myself.
Even though It doesn’t feel safe to change, I love and accept myself.

Round One: Focusing on the Feelings
(eyebrow) It doesn’t feel safe to change.
(side of eye) I have a fear of change.
(under eye) Change really scares me.
(nose) It’s safer for me to stay in my comfort zone.
(chin) I know what to expect when I stay in my comfort zone.
(collarbone) I am afraid of change.
(under arm) I am afraid to let this work because change scares me.
(head) I feel safer in my comfort zone.

(eyebrow) I’d rather stay stuck in my comfort zone.
(side of eye) It feels safer in my comfort zone.
(under eye) I’d rather be safe than successful.
(nose) I am afraid to try something new.
(chin) I success would bring change.
(collarbone) Change feels dangerous.
(under arm) I am afraid of the unknown.
(head) I am resisting change.

Round Two: Implant Positive

(eyebrow) I am releasing my fear of change.
(side of eye) I’m releasing it from every cell in my body.
(under eye) Releasing all the ways I resist change.
(nose) Releasing this fear of change.
(chin) I have changed a lot already over the years.
(collarbone) I have liked a lot of the changes I have made.
(under arm) I have enjoyed a lot of the changes I have made already.
(head) It’s safe for me to make changes.

(eyebrow) I choose success and all the changes that go with it.
(side of eye) I am allowing myself to make positive changes.
(under eye) I am enjoying the changes that come with success.
(nose) I am joyfully allowing my success and the change that comes with it.
(chin) I am allowing myself to feel comfortable with the all changes that success brings.
(collarbone) I embrace change.
(under arm) I am grateful for the positive changes that come with my success.
(head) I am moving forward and embracing change in a calm and confident way!

Download the Printable Tapping EFT Points Document

Conscious Language: The Power Of Words We Use

conscious-languageThe words we use on a regular basis can influence things.

Lately I have found myself using a phrase, “I don’t care.” far too often

A while back had a series of clumsy accidents. I tore ligaments in my knee, then re-injured it even worse than before. It changed the way was doing things in a major way. Because it was more than one injury, it took longer to recover than normal. I had to let go of a few things I was normally doing around the house.

The other problem is that after dealing with a couple months of a painful knee and back pain stemming from walking funny, I also began to get depressed. That’s where I started noticing those words showing up way too much. Whenever I would see something that needed to be done but I either couldn’t do it or didn’t feel like doing it, I’d say, “I don’t care.” There’s dust bunnies, “I don’t care.” Look at those spider webs, “I don’t care.”

That injury and the knee surgery was over a year ago but occasionally I still catch myself using the words “I don’t care” when I didn’t get something done. Yikes! Using the words “I don’t care” is not anyone’s best interest. There has to be some other words to use because those words are not true. I care very much.

We use affirmations to program our subconscious to be a certain way. EFT is a tapping of affirmations and statements to shift things emotionally and physically. Our words are VERY important. When we say things like “I don’t care” over and over we are actually programming our subconscious. Do we really want to program our subconscious not to care? What if that not caring overflowed to relationships with friends and family.

I have been thinking of a replacement phrase to say instead of “I don’t care.” I think I will say, “I’m not worried about it.” “I know it will get done when I’m ready.” “Ha Ha! There is another one.” Maybe I should have said, “I will meditate on that a bit.” 😉

When you catch yourself saying something or using words that are not in your best interest, stop, and say or think “Cancel” “Clear” or “Delete,” then reframe the words with something better.

Saying something once in a while isn’t going to hurt anything but when we keep saying something, that’s where we need to be careful. There is POWER in the words we use, especially ones we use often.

I can’t …
I am sick and tired of …
I’m tired …
I hate …
I hate to see …
I can never …
I can’t stand …
I’m broke.

You can’t create abundance or prosperity if you believe in lacks. You will need to reprogram yourself to believe that you can have abundance. Believing in lacks means you believe you will never have enough money for what you need.

Do you find yourself saying things like:

“I can’t afford that.”
“I just can’t seem to make ends meet.”
“I never have enough money.”

You need to stop programming yourself for a lack of abundance. Years ago when I first learned about abundance and conscious language, I realized I had to stop saying, “I can’t afford it.” Somehow when you say things enough, your subconscious makes sure it happens. I changed that to, “I don’t choose to spend money on that right now.

There is a book I highly recommend called “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.” by Joseph Murphy.

Energy follows thought. You get what you think about.

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