fear-of-failure2Fear of failure is one of the subconscious reasons why you could be procrastinating and sabotaging your success. When you are afraid to fail, you live a smaller life with less risk. You stay in your comfort zone but no progress is made in your comfort zone. If you really want to make progress with anything, in this case your Young Living business, you need to release the fear of failure and step out of your comfort zone.

Try the EFT Tapping below to get started shifting your fear of success. You can add in any words or thoughts to the script and change it up as you feel the need.

Tapping on the Karate Point:
Even though I’m afraid to try again because I failed in the past, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I don’t feel like trying because I have failed in the past, choose to believe I can do it this time.
Even though I have failed in the past, I choose to focus on success this time.

Start tapping on the eyebrow point and tap any points as you say or think the words below.

Focus on the problem:

I am afraid to try because I failed in the past
I don’t know if I can do it, I have failed before
I don’t want to take a risk
I’m afraid I might fail
What if I fail again?
I’m afraid to step forward
I’m afraid to get too hopeful
What if they say no?
What if it doesn’t work?
All these feelings around failure
All these fears that are holding me back
Making me sabotage my success by procrastinating
I tired of trying and failing.

Shifting to a positive feeling:

I can be successful even if I failed in the past
I know many successful people failed in the beginning
Abraham Lincoln was defeated in 8 elections
Michael Jordan was cut from the high school basketball team
Walt Disney was fired from an newspaper for lacking imagination
All the really successful people have failures in their past
They didn’t let failure stop them
They kept trying and growing
I can do that too
I choose to release that fear of failing
I learn from my mistakes
I am making mistakes and growing
I can believe in my success
I feel safe and confident in my continuing success
I no longer fear making mistakes
Bring it on!
One day I will be talking about my mistakes and how my mistakes paved the way to my success.

Essential Oil Blends: Abundance, Acceptance, Motivation, Highest Potential, Release,
Magnify Your Purpose, Transformation, Valor

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Procrastination is a problem for many network marketers. Do you find yourself procrastinating when you know you have things that you would like to be doing that will grow your business faster? We all do it from time to time but if it becomes a regular pattern, it is very difficult to make real progress in anything, whether it is our Young Living business, our fitness goals or any other goal we are working toward.

snoozing-on-a-desk Procrastination is caused by our subconscious fears. Those fears cause us to sabotage our success.

What are you feeling? What fear is causing a need to sabotage? We all have different personalities and backgrounds that caused our fears. For me, my biggest fear was around leadership and being visible. I know some of that came from being abducted at age 9. I was able to escape before anything really serious happened but it made a powerful impact on me that has been in my subconscious ever since that day. It made me feel unsafe to be noticed and visible. Well, network marketing is a business that requires that you get out there and connect with people. To be successful, you must be a good leader. A leader must be VISIBLE! EFT has been a powerful tool in clearing that issue for me.

Sometimes you don’t really know for sure why you are procrastinating and sabotaging your progress. I have included the EFT tapping script below for that. You can start with clearing general sabotage by procrastination, then tap on specific reasons once you start remembering things that could apply to your situation. Often things will come to mind as you are tapping. These are important. Add them to your tapping list.

Don’t worry about what words to say and what points to tap. Just tap through the points saying whatever comes to mind. You can use the script below as an example and change it up as you choose.

Even though I have been procrastinating, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I don’t feel like doing what I know will make me successful, I choose to love and accept myself.
Even though I am procrastinating and I know that’s a form of sabotage, I love and forgive myself.

I keep procrastinating.
I don’t know why I am procrastinating.
I just can’t seem to get started.
I know I am sabotaging my success.
I don’t know why I want to put it off till later.
I know procrastination is based in fear.
What am I afraid of?
Am I afraid of success?

Is it that I don’t feel worthy of success so I sabotage myself?
Why am I sabotaging my success?
I just can’t seem to get things done.
I am resisting success but I want success.
I don’t know why I keep sabotaging myself.
I want success but I keep sabotaging.
I am afraid of failure so I keep sabotaging my efforts.
It’s easier to stay where I am than try and fail.

I am releasing the fear of stepping outside of my comfort zone.
I am releasing the habit of putting things off.
I’m releasing the helpless and stuck feeling.
Releasing the habit of procrastinating.
Letting go of the fear.
I am releasing the habit of procrastination.
Letting go of the fear of what will happen.
Release and let go of the fear of taking action.

I choose to feel safe and confident in my action.
I choose to get moving.
I am stepping out of my comfort zone.
I choose to move forward one step at a time.
I feel good moving forward.
I deserve success.
I enjoy taking action.
I deserve success.

I feel good moving forward.
I deserve success.
I know what I need to do and I am getting it done.
I have the power to change my life.
I know what I need to do and I am getting it done.
I have the power to change my life
I am celebrating change and transition.
I know what I need to do and I am getting it done.

Essential Oil Blends: Motivation, Abundance, Highest Potential, Into The Future, Magnify Your Purpose, Release, Transformation, Valor

I will be doing some future blog posts with EFT Tappings on specific fears that might be contributing to procrastination. Stay tuned. 😉

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When you are working toward goals and moving forward with something that can result in big changes in your life, the resistance will often show up. The bigger the goal, the bigger the resistance we can feel. Change can be scary.

resistanceWhat will success bring? What changes will come when we are successful? How will our life change? In an effort to protect us from the scary unknown, our subconscious will put up all kinds of resistance. It feels safer in that comfort zone. The subconscious is always trying to protect you and keep things comfortable.

Sometimes resistance will show up in the form of procrastination. It starts with a negative feeling: fear, feeling a little anxious, maybe a bad mood. We find ourselves getting distracted by other things. When we start building our business we want success but we may find ourselves sabotaging our efforts because we have a subconscious fear of change.

EFT can be a very helpful tool in working through feelings of resistance. Try the EFT session below whenever you feel a little resistance.

EFT Tapping on Resisting Change

Essential oils that could be used with this tapping: Valor, Acceptance, Release.
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Add a drop or two of essential oil to fingertips before tapping through the points.

While tapping the Karate Chop Point, Repeat 3 Times:

Even though I am resisting change, I love and accept myself.
Even though I really love my comfort zone, I love and accept myself.
Even though It doesn’t feel safe to change, I love and accept myself.

Focusing on the Feelings
It doesn’t feel safe to change.
I have a fear of change.
Change really scares me.
It’s safer for me to stay in my comfort zone.
I know what to expect when I stay in my comfort zone.
I am afraid of change.
I am afraid to let this work because change scares me.
I feel safer in my comfort zone.

I’d rather stay stuck in my comfort zone.
It feels safer in my comfort zone.
I’d rather be safe than successful.
I am afraid to try something new.
I success would bring change.
Change feels dangerous.
I am afraid of the unknown.
I am resisting change.

Switch to Positive

I am releasing my fear of change.
I’m releasing it from every cell in my body.
Releasing all the ways I resist change.
Releasing this fear of change.
I have changed a lot already over the years.
I have liked a lot of the changes I have made.
I have enjoyed a lot of the changes I have made already.
It’s safe for me to make changes.

I choose success and all the changes that go with it.
I am allowing myself to make positive changes.
I am enjoying the changes that come with success.
I am joyfully allowing my success and the change that comes with it.
I am allowing myself to feel comfortable with the all changes that success brings.
I embrace change.
I am grateful for the positive changes that come with my success.
I am moving forward and embracing change in a calm and confident way!

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