I learned “WHAT IF” tapping from Carol Look, one of my favorite EFT mentors.  Adding the question, WHAT IF?  to your tapping allows you to imagine the possibilities, looking beyond what you see in your life right now. It is our limiting beliefs that can get in the way of the success we would like to see. It is important to believe you can achieve your goals.
What If Royal Crown Diamond
If you have the belief that getting to the rank of Diamond in your network marketing business, will happen for other people but not for you, this limiting belief can get in the way and become a block to your success in the business.

Use the What If tapping to look beyond your limiting belief to visualize the possibilities and What if YOU can TOO? When you feel any limiting beliefs coming up, focus on those and keep tapping through the points and releasing the limiting beliefs.

For this tapping, I like to use essential oil blends that help you relax and think about the future. A few Young Living Oil Blend possibilities are: Envision, Believe, Build Your Dream, Magnify Your Purpose, Transformation, Into The Future, Valor.

There are lots of possibilities for oils to use. Go with whatever feels right to you. The added essential oil is not necessary but the oil helps infuse extra energy into your tapping session.

If you are using essential oil in your tapping session, just add a couple drops to your fingertips before you begin tapping and start tapping through the points:

Starting on the Karate Chop point:

Even though I don’t believe I deserve an abundantly producing business, WHAT IF I have been wrong about this?
Even though building to the rank of Diamond works for other people but not me , WHAT IF I could build to diamond, even Royal Crown Diamond?
Even though I’m convinced i could never build a really abundant network marketing business to Diamond, WHAT IF it IS possible for me and I am about to build all the way to Royal Crown Diamond?

Now tap through the rest of the points: (It doesn’t really matter which points, just tap through.)

What If I really could build this business really big?
What if I have learned someone else’s wrong limiting belief about success being for other people but not me?
What if the limiting beliefs I have learned are NOT TRUE?
What if I am in control of all of these limiting beliefs?
What if I am a really powerful business builder?
What if I really am a Royal Crown Diamond in the making?
What if all I have to do is believe it’s possible?
What if I can release these limiting beliefs and blocks to my building an abundantly successful network marketing business?
What if I can actually build my business to the rank of Royal Crown Diamond?
What if I am just as deserving and able as anyone else who has built a successful network marketing business?
What if I do have what it takes to build this business as big as I want it, all the way to the top rank?
What if I really CAN do this?
What if I DO deserve an abundantly successful Royal Crown Diamond sized business just as much as they do?
What if I am releasing these blocks and limiting beliefs right now?
What if I am advancing to Royal Crown Diamond each and every month?
What if I really could believe it?
Why NOT?
I’m not so different as they are!
I’m sure some of them had limiting beliefs too.
They just kept moving forward toward the goal!
One day at a time.
One Income Producing DAY at a time!
I can do that too!!!
I KNOW I can!
I have oils and EFT to help me.
I’m tapping away any limiting beliefs!
I am releasing the emotional attachment to the belief that I can’t build this business all the way to Royal Crown Diamond!
I really CAN do this!
I am attracting strong, confident, successful business builders and we are building to Royal Crown Diamond TOGETHER!

Take a deep breath!

I recommend doing this tapping session daily. I will be doing it with you! Together we can do this!! 😉

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EFT What If Tapping

The Oola oils were designed to use to help in bringing your life and business into balance. Using Field and Finance can help grow your Young Living Business.

Field – is your career, your vocation, or your role in life. If you are building a business in network marketing, Oola Field is a wonderful tool to help focus on your goals. This oil blend has been specially formulated to encourage feelings of self-worth and strength that may help you reach your true, unlimited potential.

Think about whatever business goals you have. Make up an affirmation and then tap the EFT points while thinking about your goal.

Field affirmation: I am pursuing my purpose in life

Below is the protocol for balancing your Oola Field or Finance:

    – In the palm of your hand, mix 1 drop of Oola Balance with 3 drops of the Field blend.
    – Cup your hands together, close your eyes, and deeply inhale 3 times while repeating the Field oil 7 word affirmation before each breath (“I am pursuing my purpose in life”).
    – Get into a state of gratitude for where you are today and where you are going. Apply the oil mixture to your wrists and the back of your neck.
    – Repeat this process several times each day. Follow this protocol for 21 days and reassess your progress.

You can use this with pretty much any affirmation you want to focus on.

Other ideas for Field affirmations:
I am pursuing my goal of Silver.
I am pursuing my goal of Diamond.
I am pursuing freedom with my Young Living Business.

Finance – Manage and balance your finances, and be free of debt. Be a good steward of the money entrusted to you. Debt is not compatible with the Oola Life and is a major stressor in many people’s lives. If you have any stress about finances, they can end up as blocks to your abundance. Use the Oola Finance blend to help remove the stress around your finances.

The INFUSED Finance Inspired by Oola essential oil blend has been specially formulated to encourage positive emotions and increased feelings of abundance. This uplifting and inspiring blend also brings clarity and alertness.

Finance affirmation: I am financially free and living abundantly.


If you want to increase your Field or Finances to the next level, follow this protocol.

    1. In the palm of your hand, mix 1 drop of Oola Grow with 3 drops of either Oola Field or Oola Finance.
    2. Cup your hands together, close your eyes, and deeply inhale 3 times while repeating your selected oil’s affirmation before each breath.
    3. Apply the oil mixture to the bottoms of your feet. Review your goals and take action toward your Oola Life.
    4. Repeat this process several times each day. Follow this protocol for 21 days and reassess your progress.

Use Oola Balance if you feel any stress in the area. This oil helps bring balance. Once you feel balanced, use Oola Grow to increase toward goals. For example: If you feel stressed about your financial situation, you may find it a struggle to increase your income. Growth becomes much easier when the stress is reduced.

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