In the process of starting this 30 challenge, I started feeling really stressed out. What is it about this new project that is scaring me so?

Well, the commitment is part of it but I know that is only a small part because I know how I am when I decide to do something. I tend to take commitment to an obsession. The thing that has me stressed is that I have put the word out about this 30 day self-esteem challenge so now I am going to follow through to the finish no matter how crazy my schedule is. How do I know I will do that, you ask?

Well, that’s just the way I roll. Over 12 years ago I went through a stressful transition in my business when I decided to start writing Grade A Notes Newsletter. I didn’t want to start something I wouldn’t follow through with. I have been publishing that monthly newsletter for over 12 years in both the email version and a printable version that my downline can use as a marketing/essential oils education tool.

In all those 12 years I have NEVER missed an issue. I’m serious. If you want proof, email me privately and I will send you access to the password protected archives. All 12+ years are there with the exception of one issue that got lost in the early days because of a server crash and a newbie internet lesson learned the hard way: BACK UP YOUR FILES!

Anyway, here I am with this new project and a new set of fears. My fears are not so much about the commitment to the 30 day challenge but more about helping people who are struggling in the network marketing industry. This is something that is needed in these economic times.

I have been there and I have been able to build a successful business that has allowed me to have FREEDOM. I am an example of how a shy person who doesn’t like approaching strangers can get past her fears and build a great business. I want to provide resources that will help people release their fears and build their own life of freedom.

So with all that said, today’s EFT Self-Esteem Session is on Releasing Fear of Entering New Directions.

Remember, as always our number one priority each day is the “I Like Myself As I Am” session.

Download the Printable Tapping EFT Points Document

EFT Tapping Clip: I Like Myself As I Am

YL Members: I am using Acceptance Oil Blend. See the printable scripts for other options.

Download the Printable Tapping Script: I Like Myself As I Am – positive affirmation EFT tapping

EFT Tapping Clip – Releasing Anxiety About New Directions

YL Members: I am using Valor Oil Blend. See the printable scripts for other options.

Download the Printable Tapping Script: Releasing Anxiety About New Directions EFT tapping script

Wishing you Abundant Self-Esteem,

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