The Oola oils were designed to use to help in bringing your life and business into balance. Using Field and Finance can help grow your Young Living Business.

Field – is your career, your vocation, or your role in life. If you are building a business in network marketing, Oola Field is a wonderful tool to help focus on your goals. This oil blend has been specially formulated to encourage feelings of self-worth and strength that may help you reach your true, unlimited potential.

Think about whatever business goals you have. Make up an affirmation and then tap the EFT points while thinking about your goal.

Field affirmation: I am pursuing my purpose in life

Below is the protocol for balancing your Oola Field or Finance:

    – In the palm of your hand, mix 1 drop of Oola Balance with 3 drops of the Field blend.
    – Cup your hands together, close your eyes, and deeply inhale 3 times while repeating the Field oil 7 word affirmation before each breath (“I am pursuing my purpose in life”).
    – Get into a state of gratitude for where you are today and where you are going. Apply the oil mixture to your wrists and the back of your neck.
    – Repeat this process several times each day. Follow this protocol for 21 days and reassess your progress.

You can use this with pretty much any affirmation you want to focus on.

Other ideas for Field affirmations:
I am pursuing my goal of Silver.
I am pursuing my goal of Diamond.
I am pursuing freedom with my Young Living Business.

Finance – Manage and balance your finances, and be free of debt. Be a good steward of the money entrusted to you. Debt is not compatible with the Oola Life and is a major stressor in many people’s lives. If you have any stress about finances, they can end up as blocks to your abundance. Use the Oola Finance blend to help remove the stress around your finances.

The INFUSED Finance Inspired by Oola essential oil blend has been specially formulated to encourage positive emotions and increased feelings of abundance. This uplifting and inspiring blend also brings clarity and alertness.

Finance affirmation: I am financially free and living abundantly.


If you want to increase your Field or Finances to the next level, follow this protocol.

    1. In the palm of your hand, mix 1 drop of Oola Grow with 3 drops of either Oola Field or Oola Finance.
    2. Cup your hands together, close your eyes, and deeply inhale 3 times while repeating your selected oil’s affirmation before each breath.
    3. Apply the oil mixture to the bottoms of your feet. Review your goals and take action toward your Oola Life.
    4. Repeat this process several times each day. Follow this protocol for 21 days and reassess your progress.

Use Oola Balance if you feel any stress in the area. This oil helps bring balance. Once you feel balanced, use Oola Grow to increase toward goals. For example: If you feel stressed about your financial situation, you may find it a struggle to increase your income. Growth becomes much easier when the stress is reduced.

Do you ever feel like there are times when you can’t seem to stay motivated to do what it takes to grow your business and reach your goals? We all have days like that but sometimes we can get stuck in a pattern of spinning our wheels and making no progress. This can happen even when you have learned all kinds of good ideas and information that, when applied, will help grow your business.

Whenever you find yourself stuck and spinning your wheels, it’s time to get refocused on your WHY. Knowing WHY you want to build this business is a powerful motivator. This is crucial to your success. If you don’t know why you want success in your network marketing business, you WILL NEVER have any success that amounts to anything.

Have you thought about your WHY? It needs to be strong and emotional.

If you have a goal to earn $5,000 or $10,000 a month, that is not a strong WHY. Stop and think about why you want that income. There needs to be an emotional reason that drives you to press on through the difficult times.

For me, I wanted FREEDOM. Freedom from working crappy jobs that I hated that did not even help us make ends meet. I wanted freedom from bill collectors calling. I wanted freedom from the pain of seeing things that needed repair around the house and not having money to take care of it. I wanted to be able to LOVE my life. I also wanted to retire my husband from the high stress job he hated. There has to be more than the drudgery of working crappy jobs, coming home so tired you go to sleep and start over again day after day.

Your WHY is needs to be strong enough to pull you through the rough spots and make you push yourself to do things when you don’t feel like doing them. Think about it every morning and throughout the day.

Here is an EFT that may be helpful in focusing on your WHY:

Remembering My WHY

3377Tap through all the points. It doesn’t really matter what points you tap. For this one, I will use Young Living’s Magnify Your Purpose oil. Put a couple drops of oil on your fingertips before you begin tapping through the points.
As you tap, focus on your WHY. Picture it in your mind, feel the emotion.

Round One: Focusing on the Feelings
(eyebrow) I am feeling really discouraged.
(side of eye) I have a lot to do but I just don’t feel like doing any of it.
(under eye) When I think about all I have to do I feel stressed out because I just don’t want to.
(nose) I know I must be consistently working every day if I want my business to be successful …
(chin) but I feel like taking a nap.
(collarbone) I feel changes coming and I don’t feel like dealing with it.
(under arm) I feel like taking a break from this right now.
(head) I think I need a swift kick in the pants.

(eyebrow) I feel so unmotivated.
(side of eye) I know what I want to accomplish in my business.
(under eye) I really want to put this off until I feel better.
(nose) If I put this off, I am putting off my dreams.
(chin) If I put this off, I am putting off the FREEDOM I intend to build with my business!
(collarbone) I realize my subconscious is trying to sabotage my progress .
(under arm) I know my WHY!
(head) I am remembering WHY I want my business to be successful.

Round Two: Implant Positive
(eyebrow) I can shift this mood anytime and I choose to shift it now.
(side of eye) I am remembering WHY I want my business to grow.
(under eye) I am giving myself a kick in the pants.
(nose) Release and let go of the discouragement.
(chin) I know my WHY and I am thinking about it daily.
(collarbone) It is ok to relax once in a while but I am keeping motivated to get things done.
(under arm) I am remembering what FREEDOM looks like for me.
(head) I am choosing to be joyful and motivated.

(eyebrow) I can feel my intense WHY.
(side of eye) I see it in my mind and I will get to where I want to go.
(under eye) I know some days I get more done than other days and that’s OK.
(nose) I am choosing to feel happy and motivated.
(chin) I DO love and accept myself and I love my style of doing things.
(collarbone) I am trusting I will build this business and achieve my dreams.
(under arm) I am consistently doing my Daily Method Of Operation.
(head) I am remembering my WHY and accomplishing my goals in a calm and confident way!

There are several Young Living Essential Oils that are awesome to enhance EFT. Here are a few possible choices: Magnify Your Purpose, Motivation, Abundance, Awaken, Believe, Dream Catcher, Highest Potential, Harmony, Joy, Live With Passion, Present Time, Transformation, Valor Take your pick 😉

If you want to leave off the focus on negative and go straight to positive tapping, try the tapping below.

Click image to make it larger.

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