Your self-esteem begins to be undermined by things people told you and feelings about negative experiences you had when you were young. Many people have been treated poorly and told they won’t amount to much or compared to another child.

Even when we were treated well by family, there are things that can happen over the years of our childhood and teen age years that can affect our self-esteem. Those little things can accumulate and affect the way we operate as an adult.

rejectedYou can use EFT to help release some of the negative feelings around these issues. Try thinking back on anything in your childhood that made you feel embarrassed, rejected or not good enough. If you were always picked last for the sports team or felt left out in some way. Things like this stay in our subconscious and can cause you to hold back in your network marketing business or other things you are striving to accomplish in your life.

Think of some of these incidents that happened in the past. Take notice how strong the negative feeling is on a scale between 0-10. Ten being the most most powerful negative feeling.

Now as you start tapping, think of how you felt. Tap through the points in the EFT Tapping Script below. Keep going through the first part with the negative until you feel the negative emotion drop to zero. Young Living Essential Oils users may want to use Release Essential Oil blend with this part of the process.

Once you get the negative feeling down to zero, you can do some positive feeling tapping. Use a mood uplifting essential oil blend for this part. I like Joy or Acceptance oil blends for the second part of the EFT session where you shift to forward moving energy and mindset.

You can change the script below to fit whatever feelings or issues you want. The important thing is to feel and release the negative feelings around the incidents. You can do this over and over with anything you want. Sometimes as you are tapping, you will remember other incidents that bother you. You could add those to a list of things to tap next.

Start on the Karate Chop Point
If you know of something specific that has contributed to lower self esteem, you can tap on that.Release Essential Oil with EFT If you are not sure what to tap on, you can tap on some general

Even though they told me I’d never amount to anything, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I don’t feel good about myself, I deeply love and accept myself
Even though a part of me doesn’t like myself at all, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway.
Even though I am not worthy of success, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Round One: Focusing on the Feelings

(eyebrow) I don’t like myself much.
(side of eye) I am having trouble accepting myself.
(under eye) I feel defective and don’t feel confident.
(nose) I don’t think I’ll ever accept myself.
(chin) I don’t like myself.
(collarbone) I don’t accept who I am.
(under arm) I They told me I was not good enough.
(head) I don’t like myself.

Keep repeating round one until you feel the negative emotions are released.

Round Two: Implant Positive
(eyebrow) What if I could like myself?
(side of eye) They were wrong to say I wouldn’t amount to much
(under eye) I know they were wrong!
(nose) I have so many wonderful qualities.
(chin) People are drawn to me because of my magnetic personality.
(collarbone) I choose to recognize my own unique qualities.
(under arm) I appreciate who I am now.
(head) I am so grateful for my growing self-esteem.

Try using EFT to release things that would block your network marketing success. Listen to your intuition when using oils with EFT. There are many Young Living Oil blends that can be used for emotional clearing with EFT. Use whatever oil feels right. It will likely be a good one.

If you are serious about success in network marketing, you MUST take your personal development seriously. I can not stress that enough.

Personal development is at the root of every successful full time network marketer. I would be willing to say it is the absolute most important ingredient for success.

Every bit of personal development you do will increase your skills, your confidence, your comfort level, your value in the market place, your ability to attract abundance.

Personal development will not only improve your leadership skills, it will also help others take you seriously as a leader which in turn will attract people to you.

Personal development also helps build your self-esteem which is another important ingredient for success in network marketing.

Your business will only grow as much as you do. I recommend reading 10 pages of a book each day, subscribe to marketing newsletters and READ THEM, listen to training audios, attending webinars, attend any company events you can manage.

If you are serious about your business, you will invest in marketing training that will help you learn marketing skills that really work. That is why I recommend What’s Working Now.

As the economy gets worse, more and more people are looking for new income sources either to supplement or even replace the income they have. Now is the time to take your business seriously and start preparing to be the leader that will show them the way.

What’s Working Now

Welcome to Day 27 of the 30 Day EFT Self-Esteem Tapping!

Sometimes we see our own power and strength as a scary thing. We start thinking about what success will bring and all the responsibility that goes with it. Or maybe you have a fear that your friends and family will not like the powerful side of you. There are lots of reasons we can end up feeling fearful of our own power.

Today’s EFT tapping session is on fear of your own power and strength. Releasing the fear and embracing our power and strength.

Remember, every day we are tapping on the first EFT Self-Esteem Tapping clip.

The second tapping clip for today is on “Afraid of My Strength & Power” tapping session but it starts with tapping on the negative feelings you may have and then we will shift to positive tapping.

Download the Printable Tapping EFT Points Document

EFT Tapping Clip: I Like Myself As I Am

YL Members: I am using Acceptance Oil Blend. See the printable scripts for other options.

Download the Printable Tapping Script: I Like Myself As I Am – positive affirmation EFT tapping

EFT Tapping Clip – Afraid of My Strength & Power

YL Members: I am using Valor Oil Blend. See the printable scripts for other options.

Download the Printable Tapping Script: Afraid of My Strength & Power EFT tapping script

Wishing you Abundant Self-Esteem,

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