I was reading a newsletter from The Tapping Solution and I thought you would benefit from the information. The article was written by Nick Ortner on releasing the negative emotions that come from incidents that happened in our childhood or even the not so distant past.

Nick tells about an incident from his past and about how to use the Movie Technique. I often use this technique when doing visualization but this is a great way to release negative feelings about things that happened in the past.

Nick’s article got me thinking about embarrassing situations that happened in the past that could contribute to feeling uncomfortable in the spotlight of leadership. Do you remember any times when you were doing a book report or some other presentation in front of the class and you messed up? I remember one time during a junior high public speaking class we were doing impromptu exercises where we had to speak without notes on a subject. When it was my turn to speak, my mind went blank. I couldn’t remember anything about what I was supposed to talk about so I just started talking about something unrelated. It was sheer babbling to fill time.

I remember another incident where one of my friends tripped on microphone cords and fell off the stage. Several people laughed. Somehow that affected me, even though it happened to my friend. Ever since then, whenever I have to go on stage I am worrying about tripping or falling in some way. I also worry for my friends when they are going on stage.

I appreciate Nick Ortner’s post. I will reflect on my past and do this EFT technique to clear the negative emotions around those incidents.

Think about things that happened to you or things you witnessed in your past. Are there any of those things causing you uncomfortable feelings now?

Here is a clip about that technique from The Tapping Solution’s blog:

    Tapping Tip: Tapping Out Your Captain Kangaroo Experience

    Here’s an easy three step process to clearing an event from the past.
    1. Pick the event.
    Try to be as specific with it as possible and only start with one for now. You can do more later, but now, focus on ONE experience where someone said something to you, where you said something, where you learned that it wasn’t safe to stand out and be YOU.

    2. Rate the intensity of what happened.
    When you think about the event, feel what you felt then or even what you feel now about it, and rate the intensity on a 0-10 scale.

    3. Start visualizing the event as a movie.
    With your eyes closed, tap through all the points, as you see the movie play. Keep tapping through the points, moving whenever you want, and running the movie again and again, in as much detail as possible, See it, feel it, smell it, hear it, make it real and keep tapping. Notice what stands out to you most about the movie, and focus on that issue. Notice where you feel a ‘charge’ and focus on that, and just keep tapping, tapping, tapping.

    Tap until you can see the movie, without feeling an emotional charge.

    What have you done? You’ve healed that event, cleared the emotional charge, processed the stuck energy through your body, reminded your body it’s safe!

    Rinse and repeat for any events that you can think of! (I made this joke before, “rinse and repeat” referring to what the shampoo bottle says. Someone took it very literally and emailed asking if they should shower in between each tapping session! It’s actually not a bad idea, water is very cleansing, but you don’t have to do it between each tapping round. 🙂 )

Read the rest of the article over at
The Tapping Solution Blog.

When the electric and phone was off for several days I found myself blessed with a lot of time time to do some reading and writing. It was sort of a blessing in disguise.

I just can’t bring myself to waste that much time. I was going to say killing time but that doesn’t sound at all good. Maybe we should change that to Skilling Time. 😉

Anyway, I found myself reading some of my old books. Here is a bit of wisdom I found in Secrets of MLM Superstars:

How Tough is MLM?

    1. It’s as tough as “getting off your butt.”

    2. It’s as tough as doing the things you don’t want to do long enough until you don’t have to do them anymore.

    3. It’s a tough as deciding what your dream is and doing whatever it takes to get it.

    4. It’s as tough as talking to enough people until you build a team of winners, then keep going!

    5. It’s as tough as deciding you want to be more than average and ordinary.

    6. It’s as tough as just doing it instead of “just talking about it.”

    7. It’s as tough as following your leaders and the systems they worked hard to put together for YOU.

    8. It’s as tough as helping others achieve their dreams.

I thought that was good list. It reminds me of Jim Rohn saying “This stuff isn’t hard, so why is it more people don’t have success? It’s a mystery.”

Recently there was a big storm that could have derailed my business activities. Here is the first of several articles I wrote (pen and paper) while the electric was out from the storm. Some people were without electric for 10 days. Thankfully ours was only out for 5 days. Our phone was out for 11 days. A LOT of cell phones were out the first couple of days as well. It was a really weird week.

Anyway, Here is the first article:

There will be times when things happen that will get in the way of your daily business routine. Let’s face it, life happens.

I sit at my desk as usual but today there is no electric, no internet and no phone. There was a major storm last night that left over 650,000 people without electric in Ohio. Other states also suffered similarly so there were much more people affected but I only heard Ohio’s numbers. At the moment my only connection to the outside world is a battery operated radio. We live in the sticks so we don’t even get a cell signal out here.

They say it will be 5-7 days to get everyone’s electric back on. To top it off, we are having a record heat wave and the temperatures are over 100 degrees. Yuck! This is one of those times when life happens. What do you do? Do you just put business on hold and wait for the perfect conditions to return?

NO! Not a good plan!

There is a better plan and it’s just what I am doing.

I decided to view this is an opportune time to get some articles written. The lack of internet and phone provide me with distraction free environment to take my list of ideas for articles. I have fresh spiral notebook and pencil and I am starting with this article.

The point is, if you take your business seriously, you won’t let a little thing like no electricity, no phone and no internet stop the progress toward your goals. There is always a way. It may require getting creative. Maybe even using old fashioned tools like pen and paper. 😉

Under normal conditions I have my laptop and my Kindle Fire so I keep my business mobile and when I travel or when things happen that interfere with my business schedule. Right now everyone in our county has the same problem of no electric. If I have to I will drive somewhere to connect in a day or two.

The key to success in your business is to know where you are going and always have a plan to get there. Yes, there will be obstacles but we don’t let those stop us. We step around those obstacles and keep making progress.

Every day, no matter what kind of day it is, ask yourself, “What can I do TODAY that will help me progress toward my goals?”