Welcome to Day 8 of the 30 Day EFT Self-Esteem Tapping!

Sometimes we get into a pattern of negatively comparing ourselves to other people. When we do this in a negative way it can really be damaging to our self-esteem.

When we are building our business we might look at others who are successful and see them building their business in a way that does not feel comfortable for us. If we allow ourselves to settle into a mode where we start feeling discouraged, we will end up making no progress.

I remember in the early days I was told certain things I had to do to make my business a success. Things like cold calling & three way calling are a couple examples. I wanted success in my business so I tried both but I hated it. Absolutely HATED it.

I found myself in this negatively comparing mode for a while but I didn’t stay there long. I decided that their way was fine for them but I had to do things MY WAY or I would not be able to stick with it.

Today’s tapping session is on clearing the negative feelings when you are negatively comparing yourself to someone else, then shifting to belief and power in your own style.

Remember, first one session is the daily tapping we are doing every day.

Download the Printable Tapping EFT Points Document

EFT Tapping Clip: I Like Myself As I Am

YL Members: I am using Acceptance Oil Blend. See the printable scripts for other options.

Download the Printable Tapping Script: I Like Myself As I Am – positive affirmation EFT tapping

EFT Tapping Clip – Comparing Myself To Others

YL Members: I am using Release Oil Blend. See the printable scripts for other options.

Download the Printable Tapping Script: Comparing Myself To Others EFT tapping script

I hope you are feeling the lift in self-esteem as I am. I am so glad I decided to do this 30 Day EFT Challenge.

Wishing you Abundant Self-Esteem,

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