I have a little secret weapon that I love to add to my EFT sessions. What is the secret weapon, you ask?


When I teach fellow network marketers how to do EFT, I always teach them how to enhance their EFT sessions with powerful emotional essential oil blends.

To use essential oils with EFT, just put a couple drops of the essential oil on your fingertips and on the karate chop point before you begin tapping. The oil will be carried to all the other points as you tap.

EFT Oils - Valor
Valor – an essential oil blend that empowers the mind and increases feelings of courage and confidence. Valor would be a wonderful oil to use before doing anything that is out of your comfort zone. Use it before doing business or product presentations, prospecting, follow up calls, or anything that makes you feel fearful.

Valor also balances the body’s energy meridians and emotions. It’s a wonderful oil to add to and EFT routine. You can use Valor before you begin to help make everything you are doing more effective, then finish up with Valor to give you strength to move forward.

Procrastination is usually caused by an underlying fear. Using Valor with EFT on whatever you are procrastinating can help shift to a more productive state of mind. If you are procrastinating business tasks you could do some tapping on procrastination and getting out of your comfort zone.

Tapping Scripts With Valor


Motivation – An essential oil blend that may promote feelings of action and accomplishment. This is an essential oil that is helpful when you have things to do but you just don’t feel motivated to do it.

Tapping Scripts With Motivation


Envision – An oil blend that stimulates feelings of creativity and resourcefulness, encouraging renewed faith in the future and the strength necessary to achieve your dreams.

Acceptance – encourages feelings of self-worth and acceptance. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control. The economy is one example. Losing a job is another example. Things keep changing. Some changes are good, some changes are not so good. Accepting things that you can’t change helps you to figure out how to move forward. Accepting things as they are helps emotionally let go of past mistakes and formulate a plan to move in the direction you really want to make progress in, no matter what kind of area you want success in.

Highest Potential – is an oil that was designed to increase your capacity to achieve your highest potential and be your best self. Use whenever you need a little extra inspiration, confidence and determination.

Release is a blend with a relaxing aroma that facilitates the ability to let go of anger and frustration. This oil is wonderful with EFT to let go of things that are holding you back.

I have had a couple people tell me that they have an overwhelming need to talk and unload the negative feelings when they use Release oil. I recommend the “Tap While You Gripe” technique for this. It works wonders when you want to vent about something that makes you angry or upset. With the “Tap While You Gripe” technique, you just tap through the EFT points while you talk about whatever is bothering you. Get it all off your chest. You can say the words out loud or in your head but just say anything that comes to mind about the issue. Sometimes you may not even know why you feel bad. Tap anyway. Start with, “I feel bad but I don’t know why.” Then describe the way you feel and keep tapping on whatever comes to mind.

Don’t worry about getting the points right. You can tap all or just a few of the points. Just tap and talk.

Do a little mental gauge: On a scale between 0 and 10 how strong is this negative emotion? 10 is really strong negative feelings. Keep tapping until you get down to zero.

Release oil blend is really great for releasing anger and other negative feelings.

Abundance oil blend is possibly my favorite of all. This oil blend raises your abundance-oil-blendbody’s energy to the frequency of attraction so you attract abundance. Abundance oil is also very uplifting. Abundance is one oil I apply every morning before I do any business. I also apply it whenever I go anywhere there are people. That oil attracts business.

You can use Abundance oil with EFT when you are working on law of attraction issues. The law of attraction is always at work. Our negative emotions block abundance so we want to be shifting our energy to a positive attracting one. We want to radiate an abundance energy.

Abundance oil is also wonderful for affirmation tapping. Also when you are focusing on your goals.

Here is an excellent EFT Session that Abundance oil works well with:

I am A Magnet For Abundance and Success

Listen to your intuition when using oils with EFT. The names of Young Living Oil blends give an impression what they can be used for on an emotional level but sometimes you can be drawn to an oil you would not normally expect. Use whatever oil feels right. It will likely be a good one.

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Essential Oils and EFT

You cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself.” — Zig Ziglar

That is a great quote from Zig isn’t it? How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself as a success in your network marketing business? Can you see yourself as a Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and then Crown Diamond? Do you actually believe that you can achieve those ranks?

If you will be successful in anything, you must see it and believe it. That belief needs to be with every fiber of your being. If you see yourself as a failure or have any doubt as to your ability to achieve the goal, you won’t be able to get there. It’s just that simple.

Getting your mindset in the right direction is absolutely vital to your success, especially in network marketing.

If you are serious about earning a full time income in network marketing, you will want to become familiar with the compensation plan and leadership ranks. Once you reach the leadership levels, the compensation plan pays more. The higher you are in the leadership levels, the higher your compensation will be. The top of the pay plan is usually Diamond or Crown Diamond rank.

Have you thought about reaching the rank of Diamond in your business? I have found that many distributors don’t really see themselves reaching that high in the company. Some can’t even see themselves reaching the first leadership rank, Silver in our company, Young Living Essential Oils.

Can you see yourself as a Crown Diamond or even Silver?

If you are serious about earning a good income in this business, you must get serious about reaching the leadership ranks in your company plan. Start seeing yourself as a Crown Diamond. If you can’t see it and believe it, it will never happen.

Seeing yourself as Crown Diamond will help you as you are climbing up the earlier leadership ranks. Constantly be picturing yourself in the role of a successful high earning successful leader. See it! Feel it!

Now, thinking about that quote by Zig Ziglar, “You cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself.” If you see yourself as a successful leader in your company, you will act accordingly. Success in just a matter of time if you see it, believe it and act in a way that will get you there. If you have doubts, you won’t.

There are ways to increase belief and power in seeing yourself at the top ranks in your company. Here are a few things that will contribute to that vision:

1. Use the Products
2. Attend Events
3. Listen to audios and videos
4. Attend Conference Calls
5. Read Books
6. Subscribe to Newsletters & Blogs
7. Talk to someone who has done it
8. Affirmations
9. Visualization – This one is an important one people often neglect.

See and feel what it feels like to achieve success in network marketing company. Spend a little time each day visualizing and getting comfortable with various aspects of your business. When you visualize, see yourself going on stage receiving an award for each rank.

EFT is a powerful tool that can help you increase the vision of yourself achieving the leadership ranks in your company. Try the EFT tapping session below to help strengthen your belief in reaching the top ranks.

Even though I’m having doubts that I can get to Crown Diamond, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I am not sure I get to Crown Diamond, I choose to feel start seeing myself in that rank.
Even though my doubts are blocking my success, I’m willing to see myself getting to Crown Diamond.

Focusing on the Feelings:
I have some doubts about my ability to get to the top leadership ranks.
I’m not sure I can achieve the Crown Diamond rank.
I’m not sure I can even get to Silver.
I have some doubts about my ability to be successful.
I know others have done it but can I?
I’m not that much different than they are.
If they can do it, why can’t I?
I think I will start releasing the doubts.

Switch to Positive:
I choose to see myself as a successful Crown Diamond.
I am releasing all the doubts about getting to Crown Diamond.
I am releasing all the doubts about my ability to attract customers and business builders.
I am releasing all the doubts about my success.
I can see myself getting the Silver award,
then Gold,
then Platinum,
then Diamond, then Crown Diamond.

I am so excited to be leading a team of wonderful people.
I can believe I will get to Crown Diamond.
I radiate the confidence of a successful Crown Diamond.
I choose to be full of passion as I grow through the ranks to Crown Diamond.
I love the confidence I am feeling.
I believe I will get to Crown Diamond.
I can see myself on stage receiving the Crown Diamond award.
I can feel the sense of satisfaction and pride that I have achieved Crown Diamond.

Take a deep breath.

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Here are a few good success oils:

Abundance, Acceptance, Believe, Envision, Gathering, Into the Future, Magnify Your Purpose, Motivation, Release, Transformation and Valor.

Just add a couple drops of oil to your fingertips and start tapping through the EFT points. You can tap through several times in one session but I recommend doing this daily or several times a week until you really believe you will achieve success.

EFT Points:

EFT for Network Marketers