I have been using EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques for over 10 years. I have a little secret weapon that I love to add to my EFT sessions. What is the secret weapon, you ask?

I am a lover of therapeutic grade essential oils, especially the emotional uplift you get when using them. Essential oils work nicely along with EFT.

When I teach fellow network marketers how to do EFT, I always teach them how to enhance their EFT sessions with powerful emotional essential oil blends.

I’ll tell you right now, I only use Young Living Essential Oils. They are extremely potent high quality essential oils because of the way they are processed. Most of the oil blends are very mood uplifting and are very powerful to enhance EFT.

To use essential oils with EFT, just put a couple drops of the essential oil on your fingertips and on the karate chop point before you begin tapping. The oil will be carried to all the other points as you tap.

Abundance oil blend is possibly my favorite of all. This oil blend raises your abundance-oil-blendbody’s energy to the frequency of attraction so you attract abundance. Abundance oil is also very uplifting. Abundance is one oil I apply every morning before I do any business. I also apply it whenever I go anywhere there are people. That oil attracts business.

You can use Abundance oil with EFT when you are working on law of attraction issues. The law of attraction is always at work. Our negative emotions block abundance so we want to be shifting our energy to a positive attracting one. We want to radiate an abundance energy.

Abundance oil is also wonderful for affirmation tapping. Also when you are focusing on your goals.

Here is an excellent EFT Session that Abundance oil works well with:

I am A Magnet For Abundance and Success

Release oil is great to release negative emotions. Anger is one example release_essential_oil1of an emotion that we don’t want to keep carrying around.

I have had a couple people tell me that they have an overwhelming need to talk and unload the negative feelings when they use Release oil. I recommend the “Tap While You Gripe” technique for this. It works wonders when you want to vent about something that makes you angry or upset. With the “Tap While You Gripe” technique, you just tap through the EFT points while you talk about whatever is bothering you. Get it all off your chest. You can say the words out loud or in your head but just say anything that comes to mind about the issue. Sometimes you may not even know why you feel bad. Tap anyway. Start with, “I feel bad but I don’t know why.” Then describe the way you feel and keep tapping on whatever comes to mind.

Don’t worry about getting the points right. You can tap all or just a few of the points. Just tap and talk.

Do a little mental gauge: On a scale between 0 and 10 how strong is this negative emotion? 10 is really strong negative feelings. Keep tapping until you get down to zero.

Release oil blend is really great for releasing anger and other negative feelings.

Valor oil is another important oil to use with EFT. Valor is good for courage and valor-oil-blendstrength. Valor also balances the body’s energy meridians and emotions. It’s a wonderful oil to add to and EFT routine. You can use Valor before you begin to help make everything you are doing more effective, then finish up with Valor to give you strength to move forward.

Other Young Living Oils that are useful with EFT:
Christmas Spirit
Common Sense
Dream Catcher
Highest Potential
Inner Child
Into the Future
Live With Passion
Magnify Your Purpose
Peace & Calming
Present Time
Sacred Mountain
Stress Away
3 Wise Men
Trauma Life
White Angelica

Don’t rule out the oils that are not usually for emotions like Immupower or Thieves. You never know what oil might surprise you and be just the oil you need. 😉

Listen to your intuition when using oils with EFT. The names of Young Living Oil blends give an impression what they can be used for on an emotional level but sometimes you can be drawn to an oil you would not normally expect. Use whatever oil feels right. It will likely be a good one.

There are all kinds of fears that can get in the way of your success in network marketing if you let them. One fear that many people have is the fear of change. Sometimes change can be a scary thing. It can feel easier to stay with what you know even if that is not what you really want.

When you start building a business, there will be change. When you are working to improve your life or your financial situation, changes are necessary. Sometimes these changes can be scary and become roadblocks in your path to success. Whenever you find that you are not moving in the direction of your goals it is almost always because of some underlying fear.

The fear of change can be a big one. It is a fear that you may not even recognize but it could be getting in the way or slowing you down. It’s so much easier to stay with what you are familiar with, in your comfort zone.

Procrastination is one sign that you have some subconscious fear that is blocking your path. If you find that you are procrastinating things that would really move your business forward, you most likely have a fear of success. There are many little fears that can be going on.

Do you notice any little negative feelings when you ask yourself these questions:

If I am successful in my network marketing business, what will happen? Will I have a lot of responsibility? Success in the network marketing profession requires that I will be a leader of a large group of people. Will I be able to lead a group of people? Am I responsible for their success? Will people be calling me and asking all kinds of questions? What if I don’t know the answers?

Will I have to speak in front of a large group of people at company events?

What if I start earning a lot of money? Will people start taking advantage of me.

How will my friends react if I become a big success in this business. Will they change how they feel about me? Will they be jealous of my success?

There are all kinds of underlying fears that can become blocks to our making progress. Those blocks can cause us to procrastinate and not be focused on the tasks that really produce results in business.

When you notice you are procrastinating, stop and evaluate your feelings about success in your business.

Try the an EFT script below. It may help release the fear of change. Add any word changes that would better fit your feelings around this issue.

Young Living Essential oil blends that work well with this issue: Valor, Abundance, Acceptance, Believe, Dream Catcher, Highest Potential, Into The Future, Motivation, Magnify Your Purpose, Release

Even though I am afraid things will change too much if I am successful, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though success means change and that is scary, I choose to move ahead anyway.
Even though I am afraid of the changes that are coming so I am sabotaging success, I choose to release the fear and move confidently forward.

Round One: Focusing on the Feelings

(eyebrow) I know things will change when I am successful.
(side of eye) What if others start looking to me for direction?
(under eye) What if I let them down?
(nose) Part of me is afraid of being too successful in my business.
(chin) What if people look at me differently?
(collarbone) It all seems so scary.
(under arm) So many changes.
(head) I don’t know what to expect.

(eyebrow) I know what to expect if I stay here in this spot.
(side of eye) Success feels scary.
(under eye) I am uncomfortable with the changes that come with success.
(nose) It is easier to keep things as they are.
(chin) I am afraid of change.
(collarbone) It is easier to stay with what I am familiar with.
(under arm) I do want success and that means change.
(head) I really DO want change.

Round Two: Implant Positive

(eyebrow) I have decided to relax and let success come.
(side of eye) I know there will be changes.
(under eye) I am confident about adjusting to the changes.
(nose) I know I will be safe in my success.
(chin) Changes will be a good thing.
(collarbone) I release the fear of change.
(under arm) I DO want the changes that come with success.
(head) I choose to feel comfortable and confident in my success.

(eyebrow) I have decided to relax and let success come.
(side of eye) I know there will be changes.
(under eye) I am confident about adjusting to the changes.
(nose) I know I will be safe in my success.
(chin) Changes will be a good thing.
(collarbone) I release the fear of change.
(under arm) I DO want the changes that come with success.
(head) I choose to feel comfortable and confident in my success.

(Repeat the last section as many times as you feel you need it in order to shift the energy)


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