OH MY! Another day went by and I didn’t get that job done. Do you ever find yourself saying that? It’s amazing how fast time flies by. It’s so easy to get distracted with other things and let the important things slip by, especially things that make you feel a little uncomfortable. You can find yourself procrastinating and usually you don’t even realize why you are doing it.

As you are building your network marketing business, you have daily tasks, talking to people about your products or the business opportunity, emails and phone calls to make and to respond to. There are certain things that must be done if you want success. Sometimes you can find yourself doing busy work in the office but not things that actually grow your network marketing business.  This “busy work” is a form of procrastination.

Procrastination is actually one way we sabotage our success. Our subconscious subconscious resistance and fears get involved and we begin to sabotage our efforts, often by procrastinating.

There can be any number of reasons we might sabotage our success.  Here are a few common reasons for sabotage:

    Fear of change
    Fear of leadership
    Fear of responsibility
    Fear of discomfort in the spotlight
    Fear of being criticized
    Fear others will be jealous
    Safety issues

Sometimes we aren’t really sure why we are sabotaging our success with procrastination. EFT can be helpful in releasing some of our fears and getting the mood shifted to one that is taking action.

Try this EFT session for times when you find yourself procrastinating but you aren’t sure why.

 EFT Tapping Clip:
Releasing Sabotage by Procrastination

After you have done some EFT, here are some . . .

Tips to help with Procrastination:

1. Know WHY you are building this business and think about it every day. Then decide what you will do TODAY that will take you one step closer to your goal.

2. Make a list of the IMPORTANT things you want to accomplish today. I also have a tomorrow list that I start in the afternoon for the next day’s activities.

Some of the things on your list need to be things that will actually cause you to increase income – Getting people to your web site, putting marketing materials out, talking to prospects, etc.

3. Prioritize your list. Decide which things are most important on the list. Do those first. If you have something unpleasant to do, I recommend to get that over with first or early in the day. Everything else will be a breeze.

4. Big jobs can be broken down into parts. Part of your daily routine should be reading success books and training. I have several books I am in the process of reading. I read a bit from each every day. Even 15 minutes a day reading will be a positive step forward.

5. Make a plan and take action. Decide how much time you will spend each week on your business. Then plan what you will do during that time.

I recommend at a minimum of talking to at least two new prospects every day… that is 60 a month. If you recruit just 10%, you will have 6 new recruits personally sponsored every month.

You will never be perfect. You don’t have to get it perfect, you just have to get it going.

Marketing systems, tools and training are important for success in network marketing but the most important success tool is your thinking.

Three mistakes That Can Shipwreck Your Network Marketing Business

1. Not Taking Personal Development and Self-esteem Building Seriously: If you don’t have a love for yourself and a strong self-esteem, you will NOT care enough to do what it takes to build a business that actually earns income. You will not care enough about your dreams to make things happen. This may sound a little funny to some but it’s really important.

Jim Rohn said, “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.”

Without personal development, you won’t build confidence and self-esteem in yourself and your business. Your prospects will pick up on that.

If you have a love for yourself you will invest in your life plan. Network marketing is an industry that has a high failure rate. That’s not because the business model is bad, it’s because people jump in with dreams of making a lot of money but they don’t realize they need to invest in their success. Investing not only time but money. Yes, I said money! Invest in training books, audios and courses. Things that help you grow your skills, and yes, that includes building self-esteem. As you get more training and skills, your self-esteem and confidence grows.

2. Focusing on the Wrong Things: Fear of failure is one of the big obstacles distributors struggle with. We all deal with it to some degree but we must focus on the right things if we want to get where we want to go. Don’t focus on every temporary setback and bump in the road. Focus on what you want to achieve, the road ahead of you, keeping the goal or your WHY in mind.

Think of it like driving a car and going on vacation at the ocean. When you drive your car anywhere you are looking at the road ahead but you are looking in the distance, not at every bump or pothole in the road. If you spend too much time looking at the bumps and holes on the surface of the road, you can end up missing something really big. You can even end up in a ditch. While you will notice holes and bumps, you aren’t looking at them with full attention. You just notice enough to make corrections in your course, all the while keeping your attention on the goal ahead of you: Your arrival at the ocean and enjoying a wonderful vacation.

Your business is similar. Focus on what you want to achieve in your business and your WHY! Don’t let the bumps along the way derail you.

3. Letting Negative People In Your Life Derail Your Success: This one sort of goes along with the previous one. These negative people can be a bump in the road. Are you going to let them derail your success? This is why it is SUPER IMPORTANT to attend as many network marketing and company events as possible. Some events require us leaving the house but many are available to us through conference calls and webinars. These events keep us going and act like an antidote to the poison of negative people. Negative people can poison our dreams and make us give up.

I’m just like you. I have had to deal with negative people. In the beginning it was a real challenge. My own husband was negative. He didn’t believe we could build a business. Back then I was “spending too much time on the computer.” Today he’s delighted I worked hard on the business. He works with me from home.

I remember one relative telling us to “Quit selling herbs and get a real job.”

We all have negative people in our life. These people love us and they think they are helping but they unknowingly poison our dreams if we let them. We can’t let them do that. Our diligent attention to personal development can help us remain strong and focused on our goals. Hanging around successful people will help offset the negative energy and help keep our vision in view.

Network marketing is an awesome business. Keep moving forward and never give up.

WHOA!! Put on the brakes. There is a big MINDSET problem that plagues a lot of network marketers. It is an Employee Mindset and it MUST be addressed.

Employee MindsetIf you are serious about building a successful network marketing business, you must get out of the Employee Mindset and start functioning like a business owner.

As a independent distributor you are CEO of your own company. It’s a serious business.

If you want to earn a serious income, it is important that you stop thinking like an employee and start thinking like an ENTREPRENEUR! Start every day with that in mind until it becomes second nature. Each day ask yourself, “What would the entrepreneur do today to grow his business?

You MUST break free of Employee Mindset if you want to build a serious income. You also need to be able to recognize Employee Mindset so you can change any patterns that you may have developed that lean in that direction.

Here are a few examples . . .

Employee Mindset trades time for dollars and most do the minimum required. Some even delight at wasting time while the boss isn’t looking. “Hey, they pay by the hour and nobody is watching, I’ll sneak in a little Bejeweled or talk with co-workers about favorite TV shows.”

The Entrepreneur Mindset knows that time is a most important asset and is not to be squandered. He knows that the amount of income he earns depends on the daily actions he performs. He never just shows up and does a minimal amount of work.

The Employee Mindset waits for someone to tell them what to do. They act on what the boss tells them what to do and they expect to get paid whether the project succeeds or fails.

Entrepreneur has to do the thinking and knows that success or failure depends on what they DO. To make sure they are successful and thus GET PAID, they do the research, learn the skills they need, do the advertising. They find out what needs to be done and then they take ACTION.

When they see something isn’t working, they find out why and then make adjustments until it IS working.

Employee Mindset usually has their money spent before it is in their hands.
Entrepreneur knows that the time and money they spend is an investment in their future. They are willing to put in the time, knowing that it will be GROWING into something substantial.

Employee Mindset gets scared when the economy is down and retreats to the illusion of job security.

Entrepreneur sees the opportunity is increasing since more people need what we have to offer.

And . . .

Since the ones with Employee Mindset fled the scene, there will be less competition.

Each day, as you are doing the days tasks, keep the Entrepreneur Mindset before you.

Now here is a little trick: As you are keeping in the Entrepreneur Mindset, remember ONE thing about being an employee. Have set times where you SHOW UP to do focused work.

Sometimes working from home can be a curse if you don’t have the discipline to get things done. For that, I recommend a daily plan of action or a “To Do List” and pretend you are an employee. The difference here is that you work for yourself! 😉

On a side note: As you probably know I love to talk about self-esteem. Well, getting this Entrepreneur Mindset is great for your self-esteem. As you go through this process and build your business, your self-esteem grows. That in turn helps you get better at growing your business.