Today I feel the need to rant a bit. I am SO MAD at the lead companies who scam people out of their money. It really makes me fuming Mad. I will do some EFT after I finish writing this post. 😉

I really love the freedom I have because of network marketing and I want to see other people experience that too. I just got off the phone with yet another network marketer who WASTED his money on bad leads. He starts right off saying, “Melodie, I am calling because you filled out a form online to learn how to recruit people for your network marketing business.”

HA! That immediately tells me he has either bought bad leads or he’s just a liar using that line on people he hopes to recruit. I know I never filled out a form like that. I have been successfully recruiting for over 20 years with one company. I currently sponsor more people in my primary company in one week than most network marketing distributors sponsor in their entire network marketing life. I did NOT fill out a form like that.

I’m actually impressed that the guy called me himself rather than the automatic recorded message caller thingy most people are using these days. Either way they waste money. Since the very early days in my business I looked for ways to get people to come to me. I admit, I did try some leads many years ago. I’m sure there are probably some lead companies out there that are really trying to provide good leads but really, how can you tell. I found the leads I spent a lot of money on to be almost as bad.

Another thing that makes me fuming mad is the way the many hopeful network marketers who bought my son Brandon’s name as a lead are getting ripped off. I get postcards and direct mail every week for him. Guess WHAT!! Brandon hasn’t lived here in more than 15 years!! Get that: 15 YEARS! They are still selling his name as a lead!

The best leads are the ones YOU generate through your own marketing. Wouldn’t it be better to take the money you waste on bad leads and use it on some real ads that get real people to your web site? Wouldn’t you rather have people call YOU about your business? Wouldn’t it be better to get emails from people with questions? This is another reason YOU SHOULD HAVE A BLOG! Wouldn’t it be better to have those people who came to your web site subscribe to your blog and get every update about building a business or how to use oils?

There are LOTS of ways to get people to your web site or blog, both free and paid for. It’s called Attraction Marketing.

Attraction Marketing is more than just marketing techniques. It’s a mindset. It’s a whole approach to your business. When you are not chasing people, you radiate an energy that attracts people. It’s called Law of Attraction. When you chase people, you repel people. You will have a struggle all the way.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle! You can love marketing if you learn to do it right. When you put Attraction Marketing and Law of Attraction together it’s a beautiful thing.

I’m sorry. I have been a bit on a rant today but I love this industry and I hate seeing people struggle needlessly.

I’m off to do some EFT on my feelings about this issue. Can’t let it become a block to my business. 😉

Do you ever wake up feeling angry for no apparent reason? You just feel irritable and everything seems like a bother. You just feel like going back to bed. It’s a mystery to me why some days we wake up singing and other days we just want to bite someone’s head off.

I woke up in one of those moods today and I admit, it took a couple hours of nastiness before I decided I need to work on myself and do some EFT. I’m feeling much better now and I thought I’d share an EFT tapping session on releasing anger in case you have a need of it. You can come back here anytime and tap along. There will be days when we’ll need it. 😉

It is important to have a good emotional energy when you are working on your business tasks as a network marketer. Especially prospecting and marketing your business. Law of Attraction is always at work. When we are in a negative emotional state, we actually repel the things we are wanting to attract.

If we want the Law of Attraction to work in our favor, we need to be in a good mood when we are working on our business. This is especially important in the beginning when we are more likely to be easily discouraged.

Tap along with the EFT Session For Network Marketers – Release That Angry Mood

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