Tap While You Gripe is one of my favorite ways to use Emotional Freedom Techniques. It is a super simple technique. Just talk and tap.

There are times when you get angry or irritated about something. Sometimes it helps to talk it over with someone. Talking and venting your feelings can be helpful. Why not try tapping while you are talking about the issue that is bothering you. Just tap and tell the story. You can talk to a real person or pretend there is someone you are talking to.

Don’t get too worried about the exact wording you use or what order of points to tap. You don’t even really need to say the words out loud. Just focus on the negative emotion you want to clear. Keep talking and tapping.

I like to use Tap While You Gripe technique if I am really upset about something but I don’t know where to start. When you start tapping and talking, things will come to mind. Just keep tapping and expressing anything you are feeling until you have poured it all out.

You don’t need to say things out loud. You can be thinking the words as you tap. Just focus on the negative emotion while tapping.

The EFT Points

KC = Karate Chop
EB = Beginning of the Eye Brow
SE = Side of the Eye
UE = Under the Eye
UN = Under the Nose
Ch = Chin
CB = Beginning of the Collar Bone
UA = Under the Arm
WR = Inside of Wrists
TH = Top of Head

You can also tap the fingertip points. Each finger can be tapped at the base of the nail.

Try this technique sometime when you have had one of those days where you feel the need to vent a little, or when you feel angry about something. See if you notice a shift in the way you feel.

Welcome to Day 3 of the 30 Day EFT Self-Esteem Tapping!

Today’s tapping session is on BELIEF. Belief in yourself. You must believe in yourself if you want to have success in anything you want to accomplish, especially in your business.

Lack of Belief in yourself is one of the main reasons people fail. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

The first EFT Self-Esteem Tapping clip is the one we are doing every day for 30 days.
The second tapping clip for today is on “I Believe In Myself” tapping session but it starts with tapping on the negative feelings you may have and then we will shift to positive tapping.

Download the Printable Tapping EFT Points Document

EFT Tapping Clip: I Like Myself As I Am

YL Members: I am using Acceptance Oil Blend. See the printable scripts for other options.

Download the Printable Tapping Script: I Like Myself As I Am – positive affirmation EFT tapping

EFT Tapping Clip – I Believe In Myself

YL Members: I am using Believe Oil Blend. See the printable scripts for other options.

Download the Printable Tapping Script: I Believe In Myself EFT tapping script

Wishing you Abundant Self-Esteem,

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A while back I saw this video and it struck me how this little girl’s parents must have been teaching her to have good self esteem. Watch the video and the way this little girl is talking into the mirror and listen to what she is saying.

I think this morning routine is a good idea for all of us who are building self esteem. Repeating affirmations is a great way to reprogram your thinking but, even better is to tap the EFT Points while speaking your affirmations. This is much more powerful and sets the body’s energy in alignment with what you are speaking.

Try it! It’s powerful!

Wishing you Abundant Success,