In order for you to create a different life, you have to see yourself differently. If you want to transform your life or your business, you need to see yourself differently. How do you see yourself right now? Do you see yourself as a successful person or do you feel that success is for other people?

It starts with a clear vision of what success looks like. Where do you want to go in your business. Do you want to supplement the income you already have? Do you want to have full time income working from home? Do you want financial freedom?

WHY are you building your business? If you haven’t really thought about why you are building your business, you need to stop and think about that right now. You need a clear vision about where you are going. Not only seeing it but FEELING it.

focusWhat you focus on, you attract more of. If you are focusing on what you do not like about your situation, you will attract more of the same. If you focus on what you don’t like about the way your business is going, you will keep attracting the same things. You want to be focusing on where you want to be in your business. Close your eyes and visualize how things will look when you have achieved your goal.

I like to talk through my visualization to help me get to the feelings. Use lots of feeling words as you are doing it. For example:

If you want to get to full time income, you need to get to leadership levels in your company. Visualize yourself on stage getting an award and say, “I am so excited for the day when I will walk on stage and get my award. I am wearing a sharp business suit and there are upline waiting at the side to congratulate me, people are cheering I am giddy with excitement. I feel so proud that I have achieved this and I love how it feels to be an inspiration to my friends who are also working toward this goal. It is so exciting to have financial and time freedom and be able to do whatever I want anytime I want.”

I like to visualize getting awards because it represents getting to the leadership ranks which means you have built a large organization. It is not the awards but the FREEDOM that comes with building your business. Add anything that adds to your vision of success. If you want to travel, add some visualization about that. Just keep thinking and talking about the way you would like it to be and the feelings that will bring.

Whenever you catch yourself focusing on negative things you don’t want, stop yourself and refocus on what you want it to look like.

Young Living members have some helpful resources in the emotional oil blends. There are several that can be used here. Some possible choices are: Abundance, Dream Catcher, Envision, Live With Passion, Magnify Your Purpose, Transformation, Valor.

EFT Session: I want FREEDOM!

Even though I am not there yet, I choose to remember WHY I am building this business.
Even though I always struggled with making enough money, I am excited when I focus on the FREEDOM this business can bring me.
Even though I haven’t reached it yet, I love to focus on the FREEDOM this business can bring me.

Round One:

(eyebrow) I love to think about WHY I am building my business.
(side of eye) I am excited to be building financial FREEDOM.
(under eye) I love to focus on the FREEDOM I want.
(nose) I am happy to think about having FREEDOM with my time.
(chin) It’s exciting to be able to follow whatever schedule I choose.
(collarbone) I choose freedom.
(under arm) I know network marketing industry thrives in bad economy.
(head) It is exciting to help other people fine their FREEDOM.

(eyebrow) I spend a little time each day focusing on WHY I am building my business
(side of eye) I am on my way to FREEDOM.
(under eye) I am visualizing FREEDOM.
(nose) I am growing more and more confident every day.
(chin) I am remembering WHY I want my business to be successful.
(collarbone) I am so excited to be reaching my goals.
(under arm) I choose to focus on WHY I am building this business.
(head) I choose FREEDOM!!!

Another great way to keep your vision alive is to watch a Mind Movie every day. I made up one for distributors in my group who are working toward Silver Level. You can see it HERE.

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